Donald Marks

Donald Marks

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First Name * Donald
Last Name * Marks
Username * egnarodude
Country * USA
City St Petersburg
Nationality United States
Languages Spanish





Since my graduation from the University of Central Florida with a BFA in Animation, I have worked in several professional studio environments and am familiar with television broadcast production as well as feature film production. I have acted as a Rendering and Compositing Artist at Animatic Media on their Sesame Street production, "The Adventures of Kami and Big Bird". and also had the pleasure of providing several scenes of approved final character animation for Art and Animation Studio's feature film, "Kozi Pribeh se Syrem" or in English, "Goat Story with Cheese".

My focus as an artist is to create stunning motion graphics and character animation and tie the whole package together with top notch compositing practices. Animation is a powerful form of communication for which the importance cannot be overstated in today's media driven culture. I take great pleasure in providing quality work within scope and budget for my clients and employers. As they say, nothing beats hard work!